CRG is the Consulting Subsidiary of the Council of Ethical Organizations and Health Ethics Trust.

CRG is committed to delivering exceptional compliance consulting services needed to create, implement and sustain an effective compliance program.

Compliance Program Development and Implementation

The foundation of CRG’s compliance consulting services is program development and implementation. Ever since developing the first healthcare compliance programs in 1994, CRG has been involved in all aspects of compliance program development, implementation and improvement. Our efforts are based on integrity and truly engage employees in the compliance process. We have developed proven models based on recognized best practices for all compliance program elements making our services a cost effective solution for your organization.

Program & Risk Assessment

CRG’s Program Assessment process is one of the most widely used methodologies to assess compliance programs. Our professionals built the first healthcare compliance program and continue to refine our approach. From Identification of Risks and Controls to Mitigation Methods and Risk Reduction Strategies, CRG can help your organization implement an effective compliance risk effort. We strive to provide clients with a comprehensive analysis of their existing compliance program while identifying practical recommendations to fortify their programs.

Policies & Code of Conduct

Using proven methodologies, CRG assists clients with the development of the written policies and codes of conduct necessary to guide employees in meeting their compliance obligations. With a data bank of model policies for most compliance sensitive topics, CRG can individualize written procedures that meet the specific needs of each client.

Ethics-Compliance Survey

The Ethics-Compliance Survey is recognized as the only empirically valid instrument for assessing the compliance environment of an organization.  CRG’s extensive database of survey results allows benchmarking by size and industry, identification of compliance risk areas, and the assessment of program effectiveness within the organization.

CRG has been assisting clients with their compliance consulting needs for over 30 years.

Compliance Consulting Client - NHS

Compliance Consulting Client - RHA

Compliance Consulting Client - Mosaic

“The Compliance Program Assessment is an extremely valuable tool for Compliance Officers and Boards of Directors. There is a major impact to having an external evaluation and validation of the functioning of a Compliance Program, both with regulators/payers and significantly, within the organization itself. Most expecially useful to the Compliance Officer are the recommendations for improving even strong programs, making them stronger still. The CRG staff are experienced and easy to work with.”

John Ciavardone - SVP for Compliance and Quality, NHS Human Services

“The program evaluation by CRG was the single most important activity for our organization. It laid the critical foundation for growth and improvement. The assessment tools used by CRG are time-tested and by far the best products on the market. You will not find a more competent and professional organization that is dedicated to implementing and improving compliance operations both in health care delivery and higher education.”

Mike Walker, FMR. Director, Audit, Compliance and Ethics at University of CT

Find Out How CRG Can Assist Your Organization

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