“Compliance Program Development, Implementation & Improvement”

Based on Integrity, Rooted in Best Practices

Ever since developing the first healthcare compliance programs in 1994, we have been continually involved in all aspects of compliance program development, implementation and improvement. Our efforts are based on integrity and designed to truly engage employees. Equally important, our work creates the documentation necessary to allow any third party to see that your program is a living program as opposed to a paper program.


We have worked with clients from Fortune 100 companies to individual physician practices to create codes of conduct, policies and procedures, investigation protocols and complete compliance plans. Establishing and documenting the correct governance structure is of particular importance. We use proven best practice models so you are not paying someone to start from scratch. In addition to helping create this infrastructure, we help organizations update their infrastructure to meet evolving requirements and emerging compliance risk areas.


From making internal reporting channels truly operational to designing conflict of interests processes, we assist organizations in every aspect of compliance program  operation. This includes audit processes, compliance committees, conflict of interests processes and corrective actions. Compliance training is one of the most demanding elements of program operation. We use both model programs and custom designs to simplify the training process. Our decades of experience with compliance programs enables us to make recommendations within the means actually available to an organization.


There are three forms of compliance assessment: compliance risk assessment, compliance program assessment and compliance culture assessment. No organization has more experience in compliance assessment. Our assessments are designed to be informative for audiences ranging the board of directors to the members of the compliance team. In addition to compliance program and risk assessments, we offer the only validated instrument, the Ethics-Compliance Survey, for measuring an organization’s compliance culture. Organizations have relied on this instrument since 1986 to give a true picture of the extent to which a compliance program is embedded in their culture and processes.

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