“Exceptional Compliance Consulting & Advisory Services”

CRG is the consulting and advisory subsidiary of the Council of Ethical Organizations.  Our consulting professionals have more than fifty years of combined experience in creating, implementing and directing the compliance efforts of numerous national and international corporations.  CRG is committed to providing exceptional compliance consulting services to its clients and is equipped to provide you with the guidance, tools and services necessary to create, implement and sustain an effective corporate compliance and integrity program. CRG’s mission is to promote and foster ethical business practices with clients who share a commitment to high standards of ethical and legal conduct. Our practical, hands-on knowledge provides our clients with a unique, proven expertise, which we believe is unmatched in the industry.

We bring experience in legal compliance, clinical ethics issues, compliance management, organizational ethics, and corporate governance. This combination allows us to offer a comprehensive range of personalized service to clients. Our research expertise is unique in the compliance industry.

As a subsidiary of the Council of Ethical Organizations, Compliance Resource Group enhances the Council’s commitment to integrating ethics into corporate operations, and to promoting business integrity in organizations both large and small.

Specific Services:

CRG can assist clients in the development of a corporate compliance/integrity plan and in the implementation and maintenance of a compliance program. Working on either a project basis, or under retainer, CRG provides the necessary expertise and guidance for each client to create an effective compliance effort. Our work emphasizes that even technical compliance efforts must reflect an organization’s mission and values.

Two primary service areas are:

Compliance Program Development & Implementation:

Ever since developing the first healthcare compliance programs in 1994, CRG has been continually involved in all aspects of compliance program development, implementation and improvement. Our efforts are based on integrity and designed to truly engage employees. Equally important, our work creates the documentation necessary to allow any third party to see that your compliance program is a living program as opposed to a paper program.

Compliance Program Assessment:

CRG can undertake a compliance program assessment process designed to assist organizations in reviewing their overall compliance efforts. Our process includes a comprehensive analysis of an existing compliance program, and identifies appropriate changes to fortify the program and to help meet its objectives on an ongoing basis. We conduct both a desk review of compliance program materials (such as Code of Conduct, compliance policies and procedures, board reports) and on site interviews with staff. The goal of site interviews is to obtain real unfiltered and unbiased information concerning how well the compliance program is achieving its objectives. We believe that our process results in a valid, corroborated and real time analysis of the organization’s compliance efforts.

Our program assessment process has been widely used for many years by organizations of most types and sizes. The program assessment process also allows the client to compare their organization’s program activities to those of organizations that have achieved “best practices” in their compliance regimens. Our written assessment report may also provide the board of directors and executive management with concrete evidence that they are addressing their governance responsibilities by providing oversight of the company’s compliance efforts.

Additional Services Areas Include:

In conjunction with the Council of Ethical Organizations, CRG can undertake proven research efforts and services designed to meet the practical needs of clients. The Ethics-Compliance Survey is recognized as the only empirically valid instrument for assessing the compliance environment of organizations. The Survey establishes a baseline assessment of the organization’s compliance environment.

Utilizing custom-designed tools to 1) educate boards on their essential role in effective corporate governance and compliance program oversight; and 2) evaluate existing systems of corporate governance to ensure they protect the organization and enable the board to meet its fiduciary responsibilities. These tools come together as an evaluation process that allows the board to assess its compliance with current ethical and legal expectations and to ensure it is providing proper oversight to the compliance function.

CRG can assist clients with the development of a Code of Conduct and associated policies and procedures necessary to guide employees in meeting their compliance obligations. With a data bank of model codes and sample policies for most compliance sensitive topics, CRG can individualize written procedures that meet the specific needs of each client.

CRG is capable of developing and delivering intensive compliance training for company management and boards of directors to assure the requisite commitment to, and endorsement of, the client’s compliance effort. A strong commitment from the top level of the company is essential to the long-term effectiveness of any compliance program.

CRG professionals wrote the manual on reporting.  Our professionals provide guidance and direction in the creation and implementation of client reporting mechanisms, such as a hotlines and web-based tools. CRG can also undertake technical training of those charged with the responsibility for its ongoing operation.

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